Meet the Chickens

Huli means “to turn something over, and over again.” It’s his way of investigating, studying, and learning all he can! He is the leader with an explorative trait. He seeks new places, and likes to study and investigate. He loves to learn and try new things, especially with his buddies by his wings. 

Mele means “merry, or music so sweet” so spending time with this chicken is always a treat! She is gentle, quiet, full of grace and if you put her in the kitchen you will see she can bake! She’s also a whizz when it comes to math. This chicken can solve any problem put in her path. Lastly, as her name suggests she has the gift of song and can sing a merry tune all day long!

Lei means “garland of flowers” and she is a champion and cheerleader to all. She picks others up if they happened to fall. She loves to surf, play in the sand, and is always willing to lend a helping hand. Give her some tools and she isn’t out of place. She loves to imagine, research, design and create!

Kai means “the sea” in Hawaii nei, and this chicken loves the beach that much we can say. He enjoys traveling, and learning about new places, especially when his adventure includes his friends smiling faces! He’s well organized and always on time. He loves making plans, helping everybody stay in line. – 808-419-8363